Why Learn To Freedive?

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a freediving course

#1 Dive safely - Like any aquatic sport, freediving is not without risks and there is no substitute for taking a proper freediving course from a recognized agency. Remember, never freedive alone or without proper training. Be sure to take a PADI Basic or Freediver Course today.


#2 Inward exploration - Freediving can be like meditating and, as the great Italian freediver Umberto Pelizzari once said, is about looking within yourself.  Dive into the deepest parts of your inner self and surface with new insights.


#3 Discovery -The oceans cover 70% of the planet, Canada has the world’s longest coastline so whether you simply wish to redefine how you explore Canada’s ocean playground or want to freedive with whales or sharks around the world one day, then PADI Freediving program will let you take that first step.


#4 Confidence and Aquaticity - Freediving helps build your confidence and your water abilities. For example, if you’re a surfer or kayaker, freediving will give you that extra knowledge to be confident when you get knocked down.


#5 Challenge yourself- Freediving is a sport that can be done by anyone and taken to any level, but it will challenge everyone one way or another, either mentally or physically.


#6 A growing community - once certified you’ll be able to freedive with the Halifax Freediving Club and join an exciting community and merry band of ocean adventurers.


#7 Dive anywhere - freediving lends itself to spontaneity - it's easy to go for a quick dive. Also, more parts of the coast become accessible to you because you need less gear to freedive. So easy to hike and freedive almost anywhere. 


#8 Connect silently - Dive silently, without bubbles and glide through the water on a single breath of air. Be one with the ocean, experience more natural interactions with its inhabitants. 


#9 Lifestyle & Health- Whether you’re a yogi, fitness guru, surfer or ocean kayaker, snorkeled, scuba diver, tech diver, coastal hiker or passionate ocean advocate - freediving offers so much to offer you and complement your ocean lifestyle.


#10 It’s a lot of fun – Most of all, freediving is about having fun, making new friends and exploring the oceans and yourself like you never thought imaginable. Get started on your freediving journey today!