About the Halifax Freediving Club

The Halifax Freediving Club (est. 2018) was formed to facilitate the development of freediving in Canada’s Ocean Playground into a vibrant and inclusive freediving community. Our priority is to promote a safe and fun freediving culture and build a positive reputation for the sport. The HFC aims to provide opportunities for training and certifications for its members while fostering respect and protection for our ocean environment.

Board of Directors





Courtney Baumgartner (Since June 2021)


Vice President

Justin Miller (since April 2018)



Annie MacKintosh (since June 2018)



Marc-Andre Tremblay (since June 2021)



Tara Lepointe (since November 2017)


Jared Cloutier (Nov 2017-June 2021)

Nicolas Winkler (April 2018-June 2021)

Rob MacQuarrie (Nov 2017-April 2018)

Marie Starr (Nov 2017-June 2018)

Raina Normand (Nov 2017-June 2018)
Hancheng Zhu (June 2018- April 2019)


Founders Club


The following members are the Official Founding Members of the Halifax Freediving Club


Jared Cloutier | Raina Norman | Justin Miller | Rob MacQuarrie | Robert Fairweather | Hancheng Zhu | April Weickert | Marie Starr | Annie MacKintosh | Tara Lapointe | Joshua Bearden | Valerie Kendall | Randy Gordon | Randy Inkpen | Marc-Andre Tremblay | Jiho Choi | John Harrington | Robin Izzard | Charlotte Maus | Nicolas Winkler