Why Freedive?

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Why should I join?


The Halifax Freediving Club is the first freediving club on the East coast. We’re a registered and insured society with a board of directors. We have an active and growing membership.


The club hosts regular ocean sessions (spring/summer/fall) and structure pool training (fall/winter/spring) for its members as well as workshops, events, socials. The club also maintains a database of its registered members and their certifications, so you can use the forum to find certified buddies to dive with.


Why should I pay to get certified when I’ve already taught myself? I don’t go down very deep or stay very long?


Self-taught freedivers have long been at risk to themselves and the buddies they dive with as they lack the proper knowledge and skills to freedive safely, know-how and understand of risks or know how to properly perform rescues in emergencies. All freedivers invariably develop an ability and/or desire to go deeper, longer and they ultimately do - so it's probably only a matter of time until you test new limits.


There was once a time where freediving courses were inaccessible, where informal knowledge was passed down from one friend to another, or where one self-taught freediver taught another. SCUBA diving used to be like that. No reasonable person would take a SCUBA lesson from a friend today. Freediving is changing too.


Freediving is entering a new era where training and certifications are required for clubs and events (e.g. competitions). The sport is not without risks and accidents of untrained, uncertified individuals continues to taint the reputation of the sport as ‘dangerous’ or ‘extreme’. The truth is that diving without a proper certification and/or solo all bring the risks of the sport to bear and further damages its reputation.


So I have to be freediving certified to dive with the Halifax Freediving Club? Why?


Yes you do! In addition to the reasons listed above, the HFC is placing itself firmly in the modern era of freediving using the participation-by-certification model. This way we know that when we’re diving that all our freedivers are diving with a minimum knowledge and skills base.


One of the HFC’s goals is to develop a safe and responsible freediving community, requiring certification from members is one way to achieve a minimum standard of safety.


Plus there are the more boring but equally important legal and insurance reasons to require diving members to be certified to dive within a club setting.


Why is it so complicated?


Actually we think we’re making it easy! We’ve put a lot of hard work to form a legitimate club and continue to develop the sport in the region. We’re working uphill to change the negative perception of the sport and grow an active membership in order to build vibrant, safe and responsible community in Canada’s Ocean Playground.


All you have to do is get some training and join - it’s that easy :)


Ok! I hear you, but you can’t actually get certified around here?


While that used to be the case, you can! In fact, the core founding members of the HFC went to some length to fly ApneaCity instructors from Montreal in 2017 so they could get certified through the local shop, Torpedo Rays Scuba Adventures. As of 2018, TRSA is Atlantic Canada’s on PADI Freediver Center and has been offering courses all summer. You can click here for their current course offerings.


Your membership seems expensive, what do you charge for?


The club is a registered society with real-life running costs. We have board of director’s insurance, liability insurance, banking and web costs. The club also has future acquisitions in mind (e.g safety and training equipment). While we are a non-profit, we are operating on a sustainable, financial growth model so further the aims of the club.


Joining the Halifax Freediving Club is on par or cheaper than joining other aquatic activities or sports (e.g. swim clubs, curling, hockey, etc).


Club membership comes with a host of benefits, click here for a full list

But I’m not a certified freediver, can I still join the club?


Yes! We have an associate membership for non-certified members. However, you cannot partake in club organized dives or apnea training. You can still attend other club events as other members can.


If you are keen on freediving, we encourage you to do a course and jump in the water with our other certified members! We look forward to you becoming a certified freediver!


I’m not a club member or a certified diver, can I join the HFC Facebook group?


Yes! The Facebook group is open to those with an interest in freediving in the area and access to the group doesn’t require membership. You will need to pay to access member events, however. This can be done through memberships or per-event-fees.

I am not on Facebook, can I still be a member, can I stay up to date on club activities?

Yes you can! It is probably better to be on our Facebook group so you can be part of the conversation and follow last minute changes to dive sites/times, carpool with friends, etc. However, we have a calendar on our events page which you can use to keep track of club happenings (NOTE: it may not reflect short minute changes). There's also an embedded public version of our Facebook group on the homepage of this website. You can also follow us on Instagram or, as always stay in touch via email!