Club Membership


  • A vibrant, growing local freediving community that supports safe and fun freediving in Canada’s Ocean Playground

  • Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (AIDA) Canada membership

  • HFC member discounts (10%) on freediving equipment at Torpedo Rays Scuba Adventures

  • Access to all-year round weekly diving and training sessions (summer ocean freediving and winter pool training).

  • Structured pool training

  • Preferential pool fees

  • Access to certified freedive buddies

  • Freediving socials, movie nights, etc.

  • Special freedive club events (e.g. Canada Day dive), freediving road trips and hike-and-dives, etc

  • Freediving dry training workshops & seminars

  • Representation at local and national club competitions as HFC members

  • Access to national AIDA sanctioned competitions and pathway to represent Canada at international AIDA competitions

Full Membership

$200- Annual Membership or $425- Membership and Pool Season Pass

Full Members receive all the listed and future benefits of club membership.

Please send $200 via e-transfer to


Please send $425 via e-transfer to


Check Our Prorated Price List Before Your E-Transfer

What does my Membership Dues pay for?

In order to keep membership rates as low as possible for all members, the Halifax Freediving Club has created a low cost dues and fees structure. Membership dues go towards the operational costs of the club which is operated entirely by a volunteer board, while pool fees will cover costs of using pool facilities (structured training will be provided by the club). Pool fees are not included as part of the membership fee, and are paid based on usage over the winter pool season. Splitting these two components, allow members to tailor their level commitments to best suit their budgets.

What about the pool?

The HFC does trains weekly at the Zatzman Sportsplex during winter months. We continue to work tirelessly as we make inroads to show that our sport, when conducted responsibly and in keeping with established international norms is both safe and rewarding. 


Pool fees will cover the cost of pool access. The club provides the structured training. We  conduct pool training 6-8 months per year (depending on weather). Pool fees are set at the beginning of the season. Pool Fees are $250 unless purchased with membership