For a limited time Founding Members will receive with their annnual membership dues, a "Founding Member" Shirt, entry to the launch party, and one entry in the Mares Apnea Computer Raffle.


Full membership benefits include:

• A vibrant, growing local freediving community that supports safe and fun freediving in Canada’s Ocean Playground
• Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (AIDA) Canada membership
• HFC member discounts (10%) on freediving equipment at Torpedo Rays Scuba Adventures
• Access to all-year weekly diving and training sessions (summer ocean freediving and winter pool training)
• Structured pool training
• Preferential pool fees
• Access to certified freedive buddies
• Freediving socials, movie nights, etc.
• Special freedive club events (e.g. Canada Day dive), freediving road trips and hike-and-dives, etc. 
• Freediving dry training workshops & seminars
• Representation at local and national club competitions as HFC members
• Access to national AIDA Canada sanctioned competitions and pathway to represent Canada at international AIDA competitions

Club Membership